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Why Knowledgie is better than google scholar?


Get research papers using full sentences, not keywords.

  • No need to construct clever keywords to find papers. Use full sentences or a paragraph
  • Get a summary of the most relevant papers for each of your searches
  • Use the language of your choice and get papers written even in English.

Dig deeper into full text papers (PDFs) by chatting with them.

  • Ask questions from large PDFs and get answers instead of skimming.
  • Get answers from papers written in English, using your preferred Language.
  • Every response is backed by sources extracted from the PDF.
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Build a personal library. Chat with your library to get answers.

  • Save pdfs you discover on Knowledgie.
  • Upload more pdfs to your library. Get unlimited PDF storage.
  • Search your library using natural language; chat and get answers from your entire library
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