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Knowledgie answers your questions based on solid research studies. It saves time for graduate students writing papers, and researchers performing literature reviews.

  • Get evidence to support your research. The Answers are backed by research from a database of 210 million papers.

  • Save time reading long documents. Upload your own PDFs and get answers with citations.

  • Quickly remember what you learn. Organize & chat with your entire library of PDFs and papers.

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Save Research hours with Knowledgie!

Knowledgie leverages AI to assist students and industry professionals like you in benefiting from academic and scientific research.

Knowledge Enables you to:

  • Combine the academic rigor of Google Scholar with the conversational ease ChatGTP.
  • Get relevant papers with fewer searches.
  • Get answers with verified sources.
  • Save time brainstorming keywords. Use full sentence(s) when searching.
  • Chat with PDFs to understand research and get answers.
  • Organize and retrieve insights from your library through chat.
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Why Knowledgie is better than google scholar?


Get Answers and highly relevant research papers using sentences, not keywords.

  • No need to construct clever keywords to get answers or find papers. Use full sentences
  • Get answers backed by quality research papers.
  • Get a list of relevant papers from our database of 210 million, so that you can dig deeper.

Dig deeper into individual papers by chatting with them.

  • Ask questions from large PDFs and get answers instead of skimming.
  • Every response is backed by sources extracted from the research paper.
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Build a personal library. Search from your library using full sentences.

  • Save pdfs you discover on Knowledgie.
  • Upload more pdfs to your library.
  • Search your library using natural language; chat and get answers from your entire library
  • Get unlimited PDF storage.

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Free includes:

  • Unlimited Paper Searches
  • 7 answers per month
  • 500MB PDF storage
  • Email customer support

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Upgrade get paper summaries, extract data from research papers and chat with pdfs.


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Pro includes

  • Unlimited paper searches
  • 1200 answers backed by research papers per month
  • 600 Chats with PDFs/Library
  • Unlimited PDF storage
  • Priority customer support

Security and Privacy

Transit Encryption

All data transferred between our users and our services is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols.

Encryption at Rest

We ensure that all stored data, whether it's user profiles, application data, or logs, are encrypted while at rest. This includes our primary databases, backups, and any replicas.

Embeddings Security

We take extra measures to ensure that even embeddings and metadata remains confidential and secure.

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